Course curriculum

  • 1

    About TherHab® Fitness

    • About TherHab® Fitness!

    • Introduction to TherHab Fitness- Team Video

    • What is TherHab® Fitness? Evidence-Based Group Fitness Program Designed by physical Therapist

    • TherHab Misson and Vision

    • Research supporting GroupHab and TherHab Fitness

    • Introduction to YogaHab - Team Video

    • Introduction to CoreHab- Team Video

    • How will you market yourself and your program?

  • 2

    Publications about GroupHab and TherHab Fitness

    • PDF of GroupHab Research Study "Effectiveness of discharge plans of Group Exercise vs. Home Exercise Program as a follow up from physical therapy for older adults who are frail"

    • PT in Motion Article: Adherence

    • APTA PT in Motion Article: Defining Moment

    • Articles to download to print or share if you like.

    • APTA- Quote Innovation+Wellness= GroupHab

    • Quote by the APTA : Innovation + Wellness = GroupHab

    • APTA PT in Motion Article: Healthy Growth in Wellness Services

  • 3

    Tell me more about TherHab Fitness

    • Tell me more about the TherHab Fitness Opportunity

    • Why look at our SWOT? (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats)

    • Before Beginning a business you should perform a SWOT

  • 4

    Principles of Class design

    • Class Principles-revised

    • Incorporating Dance into PT- Part one

    • Incorporating Dance into PT practice - Part Two

    • Incorporating Dance into PT practice- Part three

    • Incorporating Dance into PT practice - Part four

    • Evidence-Based Principles differentiating GroupHab Classes from other programs

  • 5

    How GroupHab is different

    • Marketing points

  • 6


    • Marketing Strategies

    • Marketing Materials Course

  • 7


    • Upstate business Journal

    • Not your ordinary rehab facility

    • TherHab on Channel 7

    • GroupHab- Balance segment on channel 7

    • TherHab in the News! Home Exercise Classes

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Next Steps

    • Course Survey