Become a Facility TherHab Fitness Provider in 3 Easy Steps

  • Purchase a License with Certifications

    A business in a box. All you need to offer a evidence-based, skilled and tailored group exercise program. Gain the Benefit of using TherHab® name, logo, and branding. Business operations manual, Assessment process correlating with the classes, Administrative Contracts and forms

  • Complete Training and Instructor Certifications

    Access to convenient online instructor certification training. Join a Network of Pro-Active providers. Obtain resources in the TherHab® Fitness Hub for virtual training, resources, and support. Quality assurance process Outlines and structured evidence-based program. Online and Hands-on certification workshops ​

  • Receive Ongoing Support

    Marketing techniques, ideas and materials Member engagement and retention strategies Outcome tracking New class offerings Network Discussion Boards. Ongoing support with our management team. Updated training materials and marketing materials

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Course Outline for TherHab Fitness Facility Provider

    • TherHab® Fitness Provider Introduction

    • Included in the TherHab® Fitness Network

    • Training and Certifying your Instructors and Staff

    • Fitness Classes and Speciality Classes

    • TherHab's Mission and Vision

    • TherHab Fitness Classes

    • TherHab Specialty Class Descriptions

    • TherHab Fitness Class Descriptions

  • 2

    Setting up your TherHab Fitness Program

    • Introducing TherHab Network

    • Guidelines for TherHab Start up

    • Equipment and furniture-

    • Staffing

    • Launching Classes

  • 3

    Operations Documents

    • Pricing

    • 12 month class contract

    • Contract Cancellation Agreement

    • Contract Hold Agreement

    • Certified Instructor Agreement

    • Trademark License Agreement

    • Employee NDA

    • TherHab Sponsorship

  • 4


    • Marketing Plan

    • TherHab Fitness: The Business Opportunities

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Review of Strategies By Target Audience

    • Marketing Points- How We Are Different

    • CoreHab® Marketing Points

    • YogaHab® Marketing Points

    • JointHab® Marketing Points

    • ChiHab Marketing points

    • Press Release Examples

    • Patient Sponsorship Offer - For Physicians

    • Branding- exact colors and logo's

    • free posture workshop document

    • Strengthening and Balance: Our Unique Exercise Design- How we are different!

    • Aerobics! Our Unique Exercise Design- How we are different!

  • 5

    Certification Process

    • Instructor Certification Overview

    • Steps instructors take to become certified to teach the classes

    • Level One Certification Check List

    • Level One Certification: PDF Written Exam

    • Level Two Certification: Checklist

    • CoreHab Certification: Checklist

    • YogaHab Flow Certification: Checklist

    • YogaHab-Power Certification Check List - Copy

    • YogaHab-Chair and Flex 1 Certification Check List

    • JointHab Certification Check List

  • 6

    Program Content

    • Differences Between the Classes

    • Music Selection Guidelines

    • Use of Class Outlines

    • Introduction to YogaHab

    • YogaHab Classes

    • Introduction to CoreHab

  • 7

    Principles of Class Design

    • Evidence Based Principles - PowerPoint

    • Principles of Class Design - PowerPoint

    • Principles of Class Design - PDF

  • 8


    • Screening versus a PT/OT evaluation

    • Free Wellness Screening

    • Initial Assessment 1

    • Initial Assessment 2

    • Fall Prevention education

    • Detailed Excel wellness assessment

    • Owestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire

    • Physican Note to go with wellness assessment

    • Free Wellness Assessment - Leading to PT eval or Class placement

  • 9

    Client forms

    • Wellness Assessment Form

    • Medical Release Form

    • physician communication form

    • Dyspnea Form

    • Sponsorship Application form

    • Client forms

  • 10

    Maintaining Quality in the Delivery of Classes

    • Quality Assurance

    • evaluation- employee review

    • Quality Assurance Review

    • customer survey

    • Instructor Evaluation

  • 11


    • Course Survey