Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Start a Medically Targeted Group Fitness Business

    • How do you start a Group Fitness Business?

    • Defining Moment_A Different Kind_February 2016

    • Adherence to exercise

    • How to Register Your Small Business in 5 easy Steps

    • Testimonials

    • Effectiveness of discharge plans of group exercise classes vs. home exercise program following Physical therapy for older adults at risk for falls.

  • 2

    How To Design a Program of Classes

    • How do you design a program of classes

  • 3

    Evidence-based principles incorporated into classes

    • Evidence-based principles in class design

  • 4

    Creative Ideas for Classes

    • Creative Ideas for Classes

  • 5

    The Fitness Assessment

    • The Fitness Assessment

  • 6

    How To Structure Payment

    • How to Structure Payment

  • 7

    The Business Opportunity/Marketing strategies and Ideas

    • Marketing your program

  • 8

    Videos of Classes and Ideas

    • Fun with Music! Patient examples!

    • Videos of Classes- Functional strengthening and music

    • Video of music for Low Impact Aerobics

    • Videos of coordination challenges with the use of music

    • Fun use of music

    • Adapted Yoga Examples

    • A different model!

    • Testimonials

  • 9

    Partnering with National Resources

    • Partnering to use National Resources

  • 10

    Offering Virtual Classes

    • Tips for offering Awesome Virtual Classes

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